Frequently Asked Questions!

Our FAQs should provide you additional information to any questions you have. We can also be reached by using our contact form.

How much media may I upload?

You can enjoy 300 MB of free storage. If you want more, upgrade your account and get more storage to upload and organize all your life’s journey.

How long will my media last in the app?

It will be stored for eternity or until you change your mind. The idea is that you can have your life’s journey available anywhere, at any time.

Who else can see the content I upload?

No one besides the people you share content with. Remember your privacy is one of our main concerns.

I can’t register with my Facebook account. What may I do?

On desktop:

-Check you have your browser’s last update available.
-Refresh the website.
-Accept Facebook’s permissions. This doesn’t mean they’ll have access to your content.

On mobile:

-Download the latest app update.
-Accept Facebook’s permissions. This doesn’t mean they’ll have access to your content.

If any of these work, write and email to “help@mylifejourney.com” and one of our tech guys will help you solve your problem.

How many circles can I have?

We know your loved ones are part of your journey, so you can have as many circles as you want.

Are there any restrictions in the content I upload?

Although the content is private and only available for you and your loved ones, we don’t encourage people to upload content related to violence, Sexually explicit content, use of drugs, child or animal abuse. Any content like these, can be reviewed and eliminated with prior notice.

How many trails (tags) can I add to my content?

Trails (tags) make you and other people able to see new content. White hat being said, there is no limit at the time, feel free to add as many as you want.

How do I add effects or filters to my photos?

Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten there yet. For now we have focused all our strengths to offer you an app were you can store your life’s journey easily and with all the privacy you need. But don’t worry, we will get there.

Can I use the app without internet?

No. The idea is for you to have your albums available without using the full capacity of your device storage.

I run a company’s social media. Can I create a business account?

For now, our Life Journey is only for people since we haven’t created a business model for companies to take advantage. Although you might create a profile and store all the media of your company if you want to.

The app won’t open after the last update.

Try deleting the app and downloading it again. Don’t worry, all your media is safely stored in the cloud and will be available again once you log in to your account.